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  • Rachael Taylor Movies Boyfriend Profile Rachael Taylor is the well known Launceston, Tasmania, Australia celebrity.

  • Her furniture wizardry techniques are combined with designs made by John and the landscaping expertise of Jamie.

  • Most of her latest posts talk about her feature on Curb Appeal Xtreme.

Can we just talk about how amazing she looks with four grown kids, the youngest of which is almost done with college?! Rachel Nicol is a star in a series, Curb Appeal Xtreme alongside John Gidding and Jamie Durie.

  • She modeled for the Skye ÔÇö Jelly International and has appeared in many American Productions too.

  • So, just keep scrolling down and be wild! The name Rachel is one of the most common in the country, and the surname Taylor is the equivalent of Smith.

  • The world has no idea if she is single or seeing someone, but it does appear she is not married.

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