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  • She and the guy then make out against a cinder block wall, the guy going down on her as she stands holding a rail above her.

  • Diane Keaton lying bottomless on her side on a bed with her bare butt visible as a guy leans over to kiss her cheeks and touch a scar that her character has on her lower back.

  • We then see Sydney holding a bottle of wine and doing a drunken dance, singing along to some music and gyrating with some visible pokies as she leans far back.

Jennifer then sits there continuing to show her breasts while she recovers as she talks with the guys until suddenly she thinks she might start to squirt again just as they're leaving.

  • Ashley McIntee topless and in black g-string panties standing on the left of a large table as at a frat party she paints on a guy's body and then watches some guys play beer pong all while Rebecca Dalton stands at the end of the table in a pink bikini along with some other unknown women and as someone films them with a camera.

  • After a while, Ayanna pushes the guy off her and sits up, drawing the covers up.

  • We then see a montage of she and the guy having sex, first standing in a shower together, then on a stairway with Kristen on top of the guy, then with Kristen bouncing in the guy's lap as he sits on a bench, and finally with Kristen on her back on top of a kitchen island with her legs wrapped around the guy.

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