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K pure passion - tori

Pure passion - tori k Wolverhampton, U.K.

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Pure passion - tori k TORI AMOS

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Pure passion - tori k

Pure passion - tori k

Pure passion - tori k

Pure passion - tori k

Pure passion - tori k

As always, Tori's music is pure in it's sweetness, tainted in it's darkness, and awesome in it's beauty.

  • Maybe I didnt really want to be that close after all!! The opening act was Howie Day.

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  • She played this at Glasgow and Wolverhampton, and while it is beautiful, I was a bit put off by Jon Evan's screeching and sliding on the bass, I thought it sounded a mess.

My main problem is with the arrangements of some of the upbeat tracks.

  • This is a really fun song and the yellow lighting is really warm and calm.

  • I also found it threw me to hear so many of my favourites - Talula and Crucify, particularly - played in such a way that I couldn't recognise them until she was half way through them! I got chills :- She said she hadn't done this one in a long time but that this Girl showed up and wanted to be played.

  • Ironically, when Nicholas first started in the industry he hated coffee and could not stand that people were so obsessed with it.

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