Brunette cream pie - 🧡 I Went Braless On A Date & Here's What Happened

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I hope you find this as funny as I did.

  • Suddenly I found an updated version of myself.

  • Looking at these pics, I know I seem totally unenthused, but I was A nervous as heck, B still uncertain about my boobs cooperating with me, and C just tryna' I left a little earlier than I normally would — I usually like avoiding the awkwardness of picking a seat and then waiting nervously — but I figured I'd bite the bullet and make sure I got there first so I could gather my thoughts.

  • But we had a real connection.

The first thing I noticed when I put this on for the first time, actually , was how uneven my cleavage looked.

  • Like I probably came across as a paranoid nervous wreck.

  • Piled Higher and Deeper Little Rock: August House, 1990.

  • This was not an outfit I would have been comfortable wearing for this date.

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