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Tall slim men and tall big men obviously are neither, and this is why regular shirts fit us particularly poorly.

  • Failing that, thicker undershirts can help take up a bit more space, and keeping the pants tightly belted will hold the tucked-in fabric in place as long as possible.

  • On their website you can select Tall and get all of their clothes that have a Tall size for the slim or athletic tall person.

  • I get told i have a nice body by most, but a girl i chat to on msn, says i look great but any bigger and i will become ugly.

Tall skinny men (lanky)

I don't care what u say, if u eat enough u will bulk up.

  • I'm using the same form as I do squatting, except it seems like I have to lean far forward to get past my knees for a second.

  • Blue Whale: Blue whales are supposed to be quite long.

  • Slim: This is a common nickname for skinny, tall guys.

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