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Here Are Block B Members Talking About Zico After His Departure From The Group

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Then, she named the stars who matched her ideal type, saying Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and Yeon Woo Jin were her ideal types.

  • They began dating as lovers on March 2016 and constantly met up for dates on 31 May, 7 August, and throughout June and July.

  • His father and mother names are not known.

  • The two were also caught by dispatch hanging out alone, however, nothing has been confirmed.

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The belief that the two were possibly in a secret relationship only grew after Dahyun and Cha Eun-woo both made an appearance in.

  • However, on December 6th 2018 Zico uploaded a picture of him with P.

  • The group also promoted in Japan by collaborating with Japanese pop group Sonar Pocket and released Japanese single album, , on July 3.

  • Block B Full Members Block B Full Members fanpop.

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