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Bayley often appears in sports magazines and plans to open own wrestling school in the future.

  • Kate will teach you the right time to make the first move, when to ask her out, when to go in for the kiss, and more.

  • Sasha Banks posted this photo on the day of WrestleMania this year, though it is not clear when this photo was taken.

  • Her kid-sister like image, and her dedication to character, may prevent some viewers from realizing just how hot Bayley is.

They might be crushed by the photos in this article as well.

  • Have fun looking at her sexy body in this picture until the red hair diva sheds her clothes officially! Actually, knowing Bayley, this is probably a scandalous choice in clothing because it shows off an under-utilized part of her hotness, her legs.

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  • A two-piece top and short skirt may seem against her character, but girls just wanna have fun sometimes and be sexy.

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