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Her only regret was she was unable to spend time with her daughter and all Robin ever wanted was to see her again and be with her.

  • Heres what you need to know.

  • They were her only friends and they cared for her more than anything.

  • People usually say something about the age gap but then go on the support zoro x Robin which is hypocritical like if a 9 years difference doesn't matter why 11 ffs.

Since then, Robin and Franky have been a compatible duo in numerous occasions and battles, such as on Enies Lobby, , and Punk Hazard, as well as in non-canon moments in movies and specials.

  • Crocodile's connection to Robin was a strictly business-related one; he did not consider her a friend, but only as a tool for his own ambitions.

  • Nevertheless, Sanji promised Viola that he would go back for her, making the theory valid somehow.

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