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Like ive stated before i prefer reading about the real thing instead of the fictional I do enjoy fiction also.

  • Strictly lees: is there any tickling scenario that would make you wanna ler? It might explain why some people recoil in response to tickling, and why many tickling games involve chasing someone who is trying to get away.

  • This sort of touch is the kind that sends shivers up the spine.

  • Black observed that most ticklish spots are found in the same places as the protective.

I stood up to walk off and got behind her chair and wedged my foot against it so she couldnt push it back to get out.

  • If the facial expressions induced by tickle were less pleasant the tickler would be less likely to continue, thus diminishing the frequency of these combat lessons.

  • Use different forms of touch.

  • Some people are more sensitive to touch than others, so skin sensitivity can play a role in how ticklish a person is.

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