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Autumn falls interview

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Interview autumn falls

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Interview autumn falls

A bigger one in the city and a much smaller one in the suburbs Before 18, she already started brainstorming for a suitable name.

  • The 18-year-old star is showing no sign of slowing down and is bringing back her book game with a new novel in her trilogy.

  • Bella was open about her work with ghostwriter Elise Allen, and even more open when the discussion turned to her experience with losing her father and her family being taunted about it.

  • Kidzworld: You've acted in several commercials - which was your favorite and why? She needed a good name so she kept thinking about it everywhere she went to… even in class.

In person, she is thoughtful and initially a little shy.

  • Bella Thorne has had quite the crazy year.

  • In 2012, Thorne was cast as Avalon Greene in the.

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